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Omry Aviry
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Social platforms have opened up countless opportunities for publishers, but it can be tricky to navigate their different offerings. Snapchat has been on the rise with over 190 million daily active users posting over 3 billion Snaps daily. The PubPlus Lab was eager to dive in and figure out how publishers can succeed on this young and engaging platform. Let’s explore some best practices the Lab found when experimenting with Snapchat.

Content is key

What type of content does well on Snapchat? 

Human interest pieces about real people with real stories perform the best.

What exactly are human-interest pieces?

Stories that focus on a specific person, group of people, or event in an emotional way; the content shows people and their problems, concerns, or achievements bringing about interest and sympathy from the reader.

Opportunity within reach

Publishers have grown accustomed to targeting android users because they have cookie file retention capabilities that iOS devices don’t have. Since publishers are unable to accurately target iOS users they have shifted their strategies elsewhere missing out on this huge opportunity.

Snapchat is the untapped iOS solution – the platform hosts a majority of iOS users so it’s a great way to reach those eyeballs. Another benefit, if you use the right type of content and creative, is that your efforts on Snapchat won’t break the bank.

Below is Snapchat’s reach calculator showing the number of potential users that can be targeted based on device (All, Android, iOS). iOS is the clear winner, take a look for yourself.

 Snapchat’s Reach Calculator

Timing is everything

What is the right length of an ad on Snapchat?

The sweet spot for Snap Ads is between 3 – 5 seconds.

When is the right time to present your CTA?

Present your CTA from the beginning and open with dynamic footage to provide a moment to hook viewers.

How to encourage swipe up?

When running an attachment, make sure the Top Snap acts as a teaser with actionable and relevant messaging to incentivize users to swipe up.

How to get started

1. Select the best performing human interest campaigns

2. Design the creative using best practices

3. Creative trial and error, select the best performing one

4. Create Snapchat campaigns and experiment with targeting

5. Alter the campaign bids and budgets throughout the process


Omry Aviry
Omry is the Chief Product Officer at PubPlus. His passion for mobile and web environments got him in the loop: Define, Design, Test, Repeat. Defining, designing and developing great products and features is both Omry's passion, and his job. Apart from his tech obsession, Omry is a huge car enthusiast, doting husband, and a father to two beautiful children.