PubPlus Ignites Female Empowerment On Soccer League

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Shiri Hershkovitz
5 min read

PubPlus has been the proud sponsor of the Bnot Yehuda women’s soccer club for over a year. As season two begins, we are overwhelmed with how far the league and team have come. 

The soccer club Bney Yehuda was established in 1938 and up until recently was a male only league. Establishing a female division of the league, called Bnot (meaning ‘daughter’ in hebrew), created an amazing opportunity for many young girls in Israel. 

Today, there is one female team playing in the Israeli 3rd league and two female teams playing in the Israeli Football Association official league. We’ve got big plans ahead! Next year we are increasing the number of players and teams, for nearly all age groups, to welcome the largest number of participants.  

Practices and games are held in a southern Tel Aviv neighborhood called Hatikva, translating to “hope” in Hebrew. Players come from both the Hatikva neighborhood and surrounding areas to represent the diversity of Israeli society – Jews, Christians, Muslims, native born Israelis and immigrants from Russia, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and Eritrea all play on one, unified team. 

Our goal is to build a place of empowerment for young girls where they can be themselves and do what they love – Learning. Training. Playing. Winning. 

We hope that one day, every girl in the world will have the opportunity to follow their dreams, for some young women that dream is to play soccer, and maybe, one day, becoming a pro.


Shiri Hershkovitz
As the VP Marketing of PubPlus, Shiri is in charge of creating and managing the PubPlus brand and marketing activities to spread the word of PubPlus’ amazing potential to current and future clients. She may also have an addiction to 80s music and glow-in-the-dark gadgets.