Our story

As a publisher, we own and operate a multitude of online magazines and have managed to reach the point where we are generating more than a billion hits per year. We are integrated with all the major traffic channels and some of the biggest advertisers in the world. Also, did we mention that we have a really cool product?

But, how we got to this point is what we want to tell you.

Like any other online publisher, we wanted to bring joy, happiness and exciting content to the masses, but in practice, the world of content is a hard, and often frustrating place. Why can’t people just find our websites, read our content and share it? We wanted to drill this down into more of a content science – where people were clicking, why they were clicking and how do we get them to click more?

Then came the spreadsheets. Oh lord, the spreadsheets.

You can imagine how exasperating it can be at times. We had a full-time person just to manage the spreadsheets and we knew even then that they weren’t entirely accurate.

So like any company with some really smart computer people, we decided to build our own (much better than a spreadsheet) product. We knew there were opportunities and insights that we were missing out on but in order to unlock them efficiently and quickly enough we needed some really good technology.

And that’s how PubPlus was born. A wide-eyed kid with a plasma covered head, curious to learn what the world has in store for them.

Now, after combining our technology with our publishing efforts for a number of years, we really feel like we’ve hit the jackpot and are ready to roll it out for the world to see. We want to help other publishers manage their content distribution campaigns with positive ROI.

The team
Gil Bar-Tur Co-Founder and CEO
Omry Aviry Chief Product Officer
Adi Harush Chief Technology Officer
Yossi Dagan Chief Financial Officer
David Tolpin, PhD. Head of Data Science
Leytal Ross VP Strategic Partnerships
Shiri Hershkovitz VP Marketing
Alon Germansky Head of Business Intelligence
Tamar Israel R&D Manager
Roni Levy Director of Business Development
Rakefet Kashi Head of Operations
Saray Ben Simhon HR Director