Real-Time Revenue Attribution Technology

Clearly see the revenue each piece of content is generating, down to the campaign level

PubPlus Lab

PubPlus Lab

PubPlus Lab is a center of excellence and R&D for profitable publishing in the post-social era. The Lab helps publishers diversify and extend beyond the social networks for success in paid content distribution.

Housing research and development into the science of profitable publishing and built upon the company’s O&O sites, PubPlus Lab serves as a proving ground for publishing content and revenue analysts to examine trends and draw insights that help to streamline efficiency and maximize profits.

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Preferred Marketing Partners

Recognized as an industry leading solution, we are certified for our ability to providea depth of expertise and in-house talent to publishers.

Bringing machine learning to publishers

Using AI algorithims, PubPlus studies visitor engagement and revenue patterns to improve the decision making processes

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