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As a publisher that faced challenges with aggregating all of our sources, we have created a proprietary product that you, the publisher, can now utilize. We felt our industry needed to make a change and start analyzing user value. PubPlus is the only full service product that gives publishers the control to automatically aggregate, attribute and respond in real time.

We work with world’s largest demand sources and traffic sources.

PubPlus’s dashboard can be customized to your requests and needs, so everything you need is in one place. We will closely guide you through the implementation period to help you understand all the aspects and benefits of PubPlus until you feel fully confident to move to our online support center.

Sure! We have planned PubPlus to come fully developed, so implementation requires no development effort from your side.

The PubPlus Tracker is a JS script used to monitor user behaviour and ad performance. Data sent by the PubPlus Tracker is processed by the PubPlus backend, which is then fed into PubPlus’ algorithms, generating real time estimations and predictions of visit-values. The PubPlus Tracker is deployed and tested on tens of large-scale production environments and processes billions of events per day.

• Filling out an integration form • Implementing PubPlus’ tracker on your site • Giving PubPlus permissions to access relevant data. We work hard to keep this permission set as minimal as possible. • Choosing users and roles • Setting up kick-off call with your publisher success manager

For header bidding, all we need is that you will implement the PubPlus tracker on your site. If you wish to reach a higher level of accuracy and validation that includes revenue incoming from your native widgets and AdX/AdSense, you’ll need to give PubPlus access to the relevant APIs.

PubPlus can track your traffic campaigns by simply integrating our tracker on your site. If you wish to have your spend, and metrics derived from it (e.g profit, ROI), reflected on your PubPlus dashboard, you’ll need to give PubPlus’ API access to your traffic acquisition accounts. This will also enable additional features such as fast and easy campaign creation, management, automated bid management, and more.

No. We prefer to minimize the data we are exposed to and only have the tracker integrated on pages that are serving campaigns managed by PubPlus.

Our competitive advantage is PubPlus’ machine learning algorithms that monitor your campaigns and automatically take action to improve KPIs. PubPlus knows when and how to react so even at night, or during weekends and holidays, your content will continue to meet your KPIs.

Absolutely! A lot of websites are implemented as "Single Page Applications" (especially in mobile) and thus it's important to support both SPAs and ads refresh in SPAs. PubPlus' technology is able to automatically track ads refresh. A major metric is "page views". In SPAs, it's difficult to automatically detect page views, so the developer should also add a tiny line of code each time a new page is loaded.

Yes, we are GDPR compliant. Visit our GDPR statement at www.pubplus.com/gdpr-statement

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