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Create and manage audience acquisition campaigns

Measure visitor engagement and revenue metrics on one unified dashboard


Monitor key metrics

Analyze ROI and visitor value from any incoming traffic source, driving growth and profit while keeping ROI positive

Zoom into campaign performance

Unlock valuble insights of campaign performance by reviewing more dimensions and metrics

Scale star content

Quickly duplicate the best performing campaigns to different distribution channels with just a few clicks

Take action in real-time

Manually alter campaign CPCs on various channels, or turn on Auto-CPC to automatically meet the desired ROI

Bringing machine learning to publishers

Using AI algorithims, PubPlus studies visitor engagement and revenue patterns to improve the decision making process

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Photo Bo Schuerman

Bo Schuerman

General Manager | National Media

Image General Manager | National Media

By understanding the visit value of our readers, PubPlus helped us to create new revenue streams and reach new markets

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